So here I am a year later from when I participated in my first 30 Days of List.     I didn't finish September's 2013.    I finished December 2013 but decided not to publish because it was a very personal list.    At year end, I do several rituals.  In fact, December is a month of going within at a very deep level.   I reflect.   I celebrate.   I light candles.   I feel deeply moved by the Winter Solstice.  It is a month that consistently feels etheric, magical and mystic to me.

I just spent the morning reviewing my March 2013 list.  I cried.   I laughed.   Most of all, I enjoyed the window in time.  Remembering where I was when I wrote the list, the mood I was in, the emotional status of my significant partner relationship, my gratitude, the deep love I have for my children and the most connective feeling I have to life through being a mother.

And so I begin March 2014 30 Days of List....