I have done a lot of revisions to this site.  I finally have found a design I can live with for awhile.   When something doesn't appeal to me visually - I just don't want to deal with it.   That was certainly the case for my blog.   For several years I had a fall theme that I enjoyed but the design was limited.   Last year I tried out a design with  a slideshow that linked to a corresponding post and as much as I like the concept, in practice, it was high maintenance.    It wasn't a Photoshop design so adding photos was all manual.   My new look and feel is created in Photoshop and working with layers is a dream.   It just makes the maintenance so much more fun.   My blog is like my purse, I like to change it up a lot.  That is the reason I went to slide show format last year because I thought changing the pictures would be enough of difference.   Like I said the maintenance was high and I abandoned my blog for the last half of the year.   Now, with this new design I just uploaded, I can change the Polaroid pictures and entire background in about 15 minutes.   My other changes that I have thought about have been to change the name from Soul Mama to Lucretia; switching to WordPress or Squarespace; And finally closing it.      Right now, I am good with SoulMama and staying with Blogger.   Happy Blogging! ~L