Snow by LucretiaholcombIt happens most every year.   We get a huge snow fall in April.    This snow fall occurred on Tuesday and was only a few inches;  Usually it is 2 feet and amazing!     This was one of those wet snows too.   It hung heavy on everything and everything was in bloom.   The past several weeks had been very warm especially the week prior - the temperatures reached the high 70's.     March was an extra dry and warm month.   Typically we get a lot of snow - not a lot of accumulation in March.     It makes gardening exciting because I can start early but a dry, hot spring and summer is not a pretty site in Boulder.  Everything gets brown.  

 Last year was beautiful!   Everything was green till August and I didn't turn on my sprinkler system till late July.     The mountains had gotten a record amount of snow so in the spring the snow melt flowed heavy down to us.   The river beds were full and at times raging by April.    This year our creek beds are dry.   It was a dry season for the mountains.    My family went skiing for several days outside of Winter Park at Sol Vista in March.    The snow base was thin.  Rocks sticking up and patches of grass on all the runs.    It was best to do half day passes because in the morning the snow was a sheet of ice and in the afternoon the snow turned to mash potatoes.     It was fun to ski in the mash potato soup of snow.   We had a great time, however, March skiing typically has a hard snow pack and the mash potato constancy doesn't show up till mid April.   Everything is in cycle.   I am not one that freaks out about global warming.   Changes in climate is suppose to be the norm in my opinion - which I have researched.    All is well.