I am thinking about updating the look and feel of this blog.   I have had this look for several years and it feels time to do it.  In fact it was 2009 when I gave my blog a face lift.   I have really loved this fall look because it is my favorite season!    I am thinking about something more streamlined.   It has taken over a year to figure out what I want to blog since joining Facebook  - it seems in  conflict.  SO be on the look out in the next week for more Soulmama!

And here it is....I added social icons at the top of a spring/summer look and feel.   I love how blogs have evolved since I first started my blog.    Truly this is a website around a blog.   I have several independent pages to provide more information on Unschooling, Arbonne and doTerra Oils.   I set up a nice RSS feed that is streamline.   I added a picture display that is connected to blog entries that I am profiling.   I add buttons for all my website and a blog badge that allows you to grab the code and add to your site.  At the bottom of each blog entry, you can now submit that entry to several social/media sites; Then at the bottom of the blog is Abraham-Hicks quote I love, my archive, the blogger icon and page hits.

And with that look and feel I would like to address for clarification the name of my blog.   I started my blog a few shorts months after my beautiful soon was born in 2005.    I was in great need of communication; Of communicating the intense emotions of have this lovely baby in my arms.    Soul Mama seemed very on target for me.   It captured both the fact that I was a mother now and that I was going to connecting my words to 'verse on deep level.

I had no awareness of Soule Mama's blog.   In fact, she started her blog in 2005 too.   I am not certain when she started hers in 2005 since I can not view her archive by year; However, I did start in June of that year.    Soule is her last name.   I love Soule Mama's blog.  Her husband goes by Soule Papa. Her books are great and the wealth of ideas she post is enormous.   Here is the link to her blog: http://www.soulemama.com/soulemama/ 

Why now do I want to address the name thing?   No I have not gotten any negative feedback online.   I have gotten a few questions from an unschooling mom's group I am part of...nothing really framed as negative - more just the questioning look.    I guess I just wanted to put it out there in the 'verse.