We had a great time with Granny in December when she came to visit.    She made us peanut butter balls and coconut balls.    She made them with our organic ingredients so no corn syrup was involved!   The best part was dipping.  We used two kinds of organic chocolate - dark and milk.  Yummy!   The kids absolutely loved it!   We also received about 2 feet of snow prior to her arrival!   Which she loved!    We had a great time sledding down our hill and making snow cream too!   This was my actual my birthday weekend and so enjoyed a house full of fun!   Bradley made, from scratch with organic ingredients, a boston cream pie!  My favorite in the whole world!!!   Granny helped with the ganche - it was very special to me!   Granny made me a hand made vase that she carried very carefully on the airplane.  I love it!  I will treasure it!   I will treasure the memories from this wonderful weekend!   Thanks Granny!   We love you!