Happy New Year!    It is has been awhile since I posted on this blog.    I took a break in 2009, for many reasons, on blogging.   I didn’t update anything but Facebook really.    It is neccessary for me to  figure out what my purpose is for each site.     Using Facebook last year, confused my purpose.    I wasn’t really sure why I had these other sites.    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue with them.    Being a mother and entrepreneuar, micro blogging is a great way to get an idea out of my head.   That is why Facebook has been a great fit.   I can micro blog and connect with folks I have not seen or talked to for years.  In the end, Facebook didnt fill the void of blogging/journaling.     I went back and reviewed the entries on this site and found myself filled with memories.   Not all the memories where pleasant and I realized I was stuck in a negative story about several areas in my life in 2010.   I don’t think I would of seen how I was holding these negative pattern from  2009 into 2010 without blogging, in 2009, on this site.  I have so many more beautiful, positive memories in those years than negative.  I am focusing on those and remembering those years different.    That is a wonderful gift!     So blogging I a come.