My word for 2011 is savor.  

I have been feeling this drive for several months to savor my life, my dreams, my experiences.      This year, I am going to focus on savoring the mere fact that I have desires right now.   I am stopping the effort to have those desires be fulfilled and manifested in some physical form.     I pledge to myself to feel the power and the freshness of my now.   I sent out these rockets of desires (as Abraham Hicks calls it) of what I want and that simple act puts me in a fresh, new place.  I trust in this.

I am going to savor the mere fact that I have these desires right now.   I understand the power within this concept.   The ability to think of a desire and visualize it, is all that must happen for the Law of Attraction to work.   The key is to find ways of improving the way I feel right where I stand.    Savoring the desires I have right now is simply softening my attention toward the things that are going wrong.   Savoring the desires I have right now begins to tell the stories that lean in the direction of were I want to go - instead of in the direction of what I have in my life.  (This doesn't not mean I hate my life or my life sucks.  It means I am always tweaking my life experience, big or small.)    This will all lead to my vibration shifting.  My point of attraction will shift and I will get different results.

I savor the mere fact that I have these desires.   I sit in the freshness of my now.