Herbs work very well for health dis-ease and for maintaining good health.

In nature, the remedy often grows right next to the cause.  People blame goldenrod, for example, for their allergies because they look across the field and see the beautiful yellow flowers - but it's the blooming ragweed they can't see that's causing all their troubles.

Here are a few quick ones that I use....

Digestive Health
Problem:  Constipation
Solution:  Triphala
Dose:  Take two to four 500 mg tablets just before bed

Problem: Heartburn/Gerd
Solution: Meadowsweet
Dose: Pour two teaspoons of the dried herb in one cup of hot water; steep 20 min and drink once a day (the slightly sweet tea has a mild almond flavor).

Problem: Indigestion
Solution: Wild Yam Root
Dose: Add 1/4 cup wild yam root (purchase it cut and sifted) to one pint of cool water in a saucepan;  bring to a simmer, cover, and cook 15 minutes; remove from heat and steep an additional 15 minutes.   Strain, cool, and pour into an ice cube tray.  Freeze.  Then place one ice cube in a mug, pour a coup of boiling water over it, and drink the diluted mixture while it's still warm.   Take one cube, three times a day as needed.

Problem: Intestinal Gas
Solution: Fennel
Dose: Chew a pinch of the whole fennel seeds after a meal

Seasonal Health
Problem:  Common Cold
Solution: Echinacea
Dose: buy a tinture of echinacea and take one dropper full every hour beginning at onset of symptoms; decrease the dose to once every two to four hours after symptoms ease.

Problem: Sore Throat
Solution: Marshmallow
Dose: Make a tea of one teaspoon of the dried herb infused in one cup of cold water, then simmer for at least 15 minutes.   Sweeten to taste with honey and drink warm.

Problem: Cough
Solution: Umckalaobo
Dose: Take as drops, syrup or spray.  It can also be found as Umcka at health food stores.

Problem: Nasal Congestion
Solution: Goldenrod
Dose: Place 3 drops of the extract under the tongue; repeat as necessary until nasal passages are clear.

Aches & Pains
Problem: Headaches
Solution: Lavender
Dose: Dab a few drops of essential oil on each temple and rub some around the hairline.  Breathe deeply and relax;  repeat as needed.   Also Tifi oil works well for headaches.  It can be purchased from Nature's Sunshine online.

Problem: Muscle pains & strains
Solution: St John's Wort
Dose:  Make a liniment by mixing equal parts St John's wort tincture and St John's wort oil.  Mix vigorously before using, apply topically to afftected area (avoid eyes), and massage into skin as needed.

Problem: Earache
Solution: Garlic & Mullein Oil
Dose: Put three drops of oil in each affected ear, two to three times a day as needed.   This can be purchased in a premixed formula from health food stores.