We went car shopping on Friday after Thanksgiving.    We had a lot of fun test driving a 2009 Honda Pilot.  It was similar to the one in the picture.   We have not bought one yet and we are probably going to buy a 2005.    The depreciation for a new car off a dealer lot feels like throwing money out the window - literately!

We decided we needed a 7 passenger vehicle.    Minivans are the first thought, but I just don't like them.  I usually feel sick in them and the slant in the front window makes me uncomfortable.

We looked at Land Cruisers but the carbon footprint is huge.    Also, the rear seats (6 and 7) are clearly afterthoughts by Toyota.   They hand on the sides in the cargo area.

I simply don't like the Toyato Highlander either.  Again the rear seats are afterthoughts - at least it seems like that because the head room for those seats are almost none.   The middle seat split down the middle.   I don't like that because if 3 people are in the mid row, 2 people will always need to get out to let the back row in the car.

Honda seems to really have thought out the Pilot.   The rear seats have nice head room, they fold flat when not in use, the middle seats adjust back and forth to give the rear seats more or less leg room, and the middle seats split is not down the middle but to the side.