We attended the Abraham-Hicks "Art of Allowing" workshop in Denver on Saturday. It was amazing!!! I was able to expand my thinking on many ideas about the Law of Creation and the Law of Deliberate Creation. It was emotional too because it was so touching. It felt like Abraham was speaking to me and I was in a room of 800 people. At the luncheon, everyone felt the same way.

I had a lot of questions. Prior to the workshop, they said to have your questions in your mind and Abraham would answer them. I wrote mine down and mediated on them. Only about 6 people were chosen to ask questions. Just as Abraham said, within those questions, my questions were answered. It was wonderful.

I have since felt this quicken in the movement of my energy as I work with the concepts I learned at the workshop.

I learned these concepts between 1992 and 2001 from a metaphysical group I associated with at the time. However, I could only go so far with what they taught because they were rigid, judgmental and heavy with the concepts - which was exactly what I needed at the time. I doubt I would of taken it serious otherwise.

Abraham took the concepts to the next level. First, the message was lighten up. Second, contrast is good. You are away from your true self (which Abraham calls your vibratory vortex)if you think you are failing because conflict or trouble arises in your life. Don't try to be on the side of perfection. It leads you away from your true self. Third, everything spoken about in the workshop was fine tuning.