We are so happy that our friend Dennis has come for a visit. This will be his 3rd time to visit us in CO (and I was the one that thought he wouldn't visit us at all). We had a fun week together. The day activities varied but Dennis did help me with the garden. He is one of our friends that knows a lot about a lot of different things. He helped with the irrigation system that consisted of a drip line. I am really glad it worked out that he was here when we put it in because the gardeners that I am working with had not done one prior to mine. Dennis took over and made it perfect. Each plant has a drip line that gives it water on a timer every 12 hours (the rest of the garden is on a soaker hose set on a timer too). No water is wasted because it is just around the base of that plant. He also buried the line so baby and pregnant mommy wouldn't trip on it. The evenings consisted of playing Wii Tennis. That game is soo much fun. We have 4 controllers so we could all play at the same time. We all had sore arms and Dennis actually pulled a tendon. We all went to Natalie, our super cool hip chiropractor, and got treated for Wii Tennis. We were sad to see part of our family go home but we know Dennis will return.