I have been working on our family rituals and tradition. It takes time and lots of reading to figure out what would work and then to try it out.

This New Year I wanted to do something that supported us in our spiritual journey. As I thought about this, I realized that celebrating outside the house was not the correct thing for us. Getting drunk and eating tons of food was not the way for us either. Being together as a family was the best for us.

Our way to celebrate the New Year entering our life was to be home and calm. It was helpful that we had a Network Spinal Analysis treatment for our whole family during the day. I could tell it changed all of our energy in a subtle way. We were more connected.

I borrowed a ritual from England called First Footing. A little before Midnight, we turned off all the light and candles in the house. We lit one candle and my husband went outside. At the stroke of Midnight, my husband knocked on the door and we let in the New Year's Light. He gave a blessing and then we went around together and lit candles with the Light of The New Year. Then we lit incense and smudged the house.

It felt extraordinary!! It was a tranquil and respectful experience. I felt it honored our family, our house, and what we want to create in the new year!