I subscribe to a newletter about the Seasons.   Here is  the lastest.    I felt it was good to share because I hear many people speak of being confused by their own behavior and feelings this time of year. Enjoy….

“…..As the temperature drops and the darkness settles in, I feel the urge to hibernate deep in my bones. It's hard to crawl out from under the covers in the morning. I want to sleep more.  

I think this is natural. In earlier times, when humans were more dependent upon natural light, people slept during most of the hours of darkness. It's a good way to keep warm and to conserve calories during a time when it was important to conserve food. I think we probably ate more too in the winter: fat is good for keeping us warm.

Of course, life in the modern world does not encourage hibernation. We can shop and do business throughout the night, thanks to electricity. We are expected to work our usual eight hours a day, even if it's dark when we arrive and dark when we leave. Then on top of this, winter is the holiday season, when we're supposed to be constantly shopping and partying. No wonder winter is the most difficult season for most people. The demands of the culture are contrary to those of nature.

Over the years, I've learned to trust my natural impulse to hibernate during the winter. Luckily my work schedule, since it revolves around teaching, comes to a natural break in the depths of winter, so I'm not working as many hours. I say no to most party invitations and I don't go shopping.

Make it your goal this week to find as many ways as possible to hibernate. Can you shorten your hours at work? Can you go straight home and curl up in front of the fire with a good book? Can you indulge yourself with more hours of sleep?
Blessings of hibernation,

Waverly Fitzgerald…”

Fitzgerald, Waverly. Calendar Companion: Hibernating (www.schooloftheseasons.com).