We traveled the day after the liquid ban.    We were on the last flight of the day.
Lines and security moved along as normal.

However, here are the silly things that we endured.

  1. Going through security, TSA insisted on removing John’s shoes.  I laughed.   Seriously?  Yes, I had to remove his shoes so they could go through the scanner.     John is 18 months old.  I usually carry in him in an Ergo baby carrier – interestingly, I did not need to remove him from the carrier to go through security, but his shoes I did need to remove.

  2. I had a to-go container of applesauce that was sealed – I bought it at Mama Jean’s Health Food Store.  It had to be tossed in the trashcan.  They considered the applesauce, in John’s diaper bag, a possible dangerous liquid.  

  3. As I tossed John’s applesauce, it went into a trashcan.   Big deal.   I am wondering why they are dumping all possible dangerous liquids that could be combined to a make a bomb into a simple trash can from Home Depot.  IF these liquids can create a bomb then we should be protected in case they leaked.    After all,  I can not board a plane with  applesauce then these ‘dangerous’  liquids need to be deposited into a bomb proof container.  

Why is this happening to flights within the US?   There is no proof that any terrorist are targeting flights within the continental United States.  It was all over the top.    None of the TSA personnel uses common sense.   In addition, the US has done extensive terrorist profiling.  Neither my son John nor I fit the profile.   Therefore, removing his shoes and dumping his applesauce just seems like power run amuck.