Today is my husband's birthday! We are having a bowling party to celebrate. 25 people are attending and we have several dropping in to wish my husband a Happy Birthday. We made shirts with a cute graphic and we will bowl two games. The first game will be Funky Bowl, each frame you bowl different. The second game will be Bingo Bowl, the goal is to bowl the number you need to blackout your bingo card.

After, we will have pizza, angel food cake with strawberries and rice crispy treats. There will be awards for different categories. Fun!!

Part of planning this party included invites. I ordered some cute invites with bowling balls on them from a company called Partycat. They are located in Dallas. They SUCK! Never use them. It has been a month long journey with these folks. First, I needed changes on the proof. I sent them the changes with no response. After a few days, I called them and after 3 calls and several emails they finally responded. They sent me another proof with only half of the changes I requested. So another 3 days of trying to get in touch with them to let them know, they did not make all the changes. Finally, I received a proof that worked. Now I have 14 days before the party. On March 25, they suddenly have a problem with my credit card. There is nothing wrong with my credit card but they are having problems. They call and we speak on the phone. They assure me they will call me back if they have another problem. Cool! Maybe this can still work. I don't hear from them.

I leave for a week away with my husband. I expect on my return - which will be April 3 - the invites to be in my mail. No such luck. I start calling Partycat. They don't return my phone calls until Thursday, April 6. It is too late now. There story: they called me on March 25 with a credit card problem and have been waiting for my return call. Whatever!