Yes! That is what I said. I spent 15 minutes yesterday and 15 minutes today going through my underwear drawer and sock/panty hose drawer.

Wearing nice under things makes me feel good so...I tossed all the underwear that was, well, worn out. I tossed all the underwear that I simple do not like. I tossed out all those socks that I keep one of just in case the other one decides to make its way back to me. I tossed out the socks that had holes. I donated to the local woman's shelter all the panty hose I did not like or do not want. I also donated all socks - especially my white ones - that I want to replace but feel guilty about replacing because I have a drawer full of them.

Result: I have 3 clean and organized drawers and 1 drawer that has been liberated for a different duty.

I do want to give credit to Flylady. I subscribe to a Yahoo! group that sends emails everyday to remind and encourage forward motion. Flylady breaks a house down into zones. You spend a week every month in that zone with specific missions especially for that zone. This past week has been the bedroom and this mission was mission #3. It was Wednesday’s mission but all I care about is getting it completed. I am still a Flybaby. I do not get all the missions completed; In fact, I only get one of the missions completed each week for that zone.

Progress not perfection!