I am a newbie to these forum sites. I say this first because seasoned viewers may disagree with what I have to say....

I have checked out all three sites. I read the links. I read some of the comments. I see what becomes popular and how long certain articles stay on the popular page of each forum. (Really this doesn’t take that long, 15 minutes – max!)

Reddit is by far a favorite. Digg seemed like a first choice site because of the techie articles; however, the comments are immature. Articles that do hold any interest on Digg, which are just a few, leave the popular page quickly.

Del.icio.us audience is young based on the articles that get to the popular pages. I am not interested in a 12 year olds point of view on life when no life experience of substance has been lived.

Last month, my husband turned me on to Reddit. A more mature audience mixes the articles. There is a large dose of politics/sociology/science and the comments more reasoned. Reddit is still working out their algorithms so I may not like this site next week. Just like my one year old, I am different from day to day.