I bought this awesome espresso maker at Target on Saturday with my girlfriends. I love it!! I was using a french press but when mine broke, I decided to try the Bialetti.

I had seen a similar model at Crate and Barrel. This model is the cappuccino maker and is called the Mukka Express. You add milk in the top and get a froth drink. They sell it for $89 which is the same price Bialetti sells it for on their website. Bialetti even has one with a cow print on it.

I paid $30 for mine at Target. It is considered the traditional Moka espresso maker and is the 12oz or what is referred to as 6 cup. Note: the cup size is the demitasse size. On Bailetti's website the same maker is only $20!! Oh well....

Bialetti makes a lot of different types of makers. It is worth checking out.