This last weekend we attended a Wellness Weekend at Pura Vida. It was wonderful. One of our friends was a practitioner, Greg Ward , and he did a wonderful job!

We did Chi Kung, yoga, meditation everyday, had wonderful food, good lectures on wellness, and practiced the Fountain of Youth. One meditation we practiced was the Inner Smile Meditation. It is one Greg taught many years ago and remains a favorite. It is one where you mental project a thank you to each organ of your body. I always feel good after doing it!

Pura Vida
is a beautiful place to visit. It is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains about 45 minutes from Sugar Hill, GA. We stayed in a cabin and it was spacious. The retreat has a wellness center and a yoga center on the grounds. We scheduled massages called Chi Nei Tsang at the wellness center, however, there are a listing of spa activities. The yoga center is were our retreat was held. Yoga is for everyone staying at Pura Vida, so we always had many people attending.

The host and hostess, a husband/wife team, are most gracious. Check out the web site for Pura Vida. They have many activities coming up. The prices are reasonable too.

It was exactly what our family needed. We worked on emotional issues and calmed our minds. The first year of being parents and stating a new business has kept our minds busier than normal.

We also purchased some Brain Sync cds. They are awesome and you can get them in a wide variety. I recommend them. In addition, we acquired Deepak Chopra‘s Journey To The Wild Divine game. I have been drawn to this many times. We were able to play it at the retreat and see how much we like it. Another item I would recommend.