Well here is my game plan to make life changing change.
  1. Establish small routines first and then work up to more items. I am not going to try to do a full blown routine the very first day.

  2. Consistency is the key to all of this. I have to take my time with my routines. They do not happen over night. It is the result of tiny changes over several months. Baby Steps! If I try to accomplish this without taking the baby steps, my habits will not be everlasting. Baby steps are the key.  I know I can do my routines by looking at my list of things to do, but they have to become automatic (a part of me) for them to be life changing.

  3. Take my time and enjoy the process. I am not going to feel pressured to do it all at once. This is worth going slow.  I am not going to throw in the towel, I am doing it one habit at a time. When I do fall, I will be able to pick myself up and start again at anytime. It takes 21- 28 days to establish a habit. Believe me, I have tried everything to not do this. Nothing ever worked for very long. It doesn't matter if I miss one day, I will just get back on my horse and keep taking those baby steps. It is the practice that makes it work.
This is worth the extra effort to go slow. I know it is not in our nature to plod along. We want what we want and we want it now. You are going to have to quiet this voice in your head and take it one habit at a time. Consistency has its rewards.