I know people who can do it all. Since the birth of my son, my ability to get it all done has diminished. Although the truth of the matter is that I believe his birth has simply placed a magnifying glass on this so-called ability.

I feel guilty reading a magazine or watching a movie. I don't have time or energy to make love to my husband as much as I want and cooking has been reduced to quick meals. The nurturing of my spirituality seems to be in 5 minute snippets that I can't remember 10 minutes later.

SO I have not been posting but researching. There are people out there that have systems and list and protocols that enable them to get it all done plus have the free time to enjoy life - guilt free. I have been listening to David Allen and Tony Robbins and Dave Ramsey on how to be productive, how to manage life.

The common string is 'chunk it down' or 'take baby steps'. So this is what I endeavor to begin.

It takes 21 days to develop a new habit.

This will be a process to control my days, manage my life and be productive. It will allow me to have a clean house, a lot less clutter, time to cook great food ( I love to cook), build a business, enjoy my husband, play with my son and relax.