This program,I am implementing, will become a habit and is a simple routine.   A routine for my day, my week, my house, my life.     Routines are important, however, they are paramount with a child.   It is important because I have baby brain anytime my little one crys. I forget what I am doing and where I am going. Blank slate.

I said earlier I researched establishing habits and cleaning a house.   The best examples and program I found was on   Flying is an acronym  for Finally Loving Yourself.   How true this is….by honoring myself with routine, I have more time for other stuff that is important to me.   This is also a strong point in David Allen books and system called Getting Things Done.   I will be incorporating his stuff as well.  

I suggest you signup for her email reminders from Flylady, which will come to you from Yahoo groups.

I am chronicling my journey on developing these habits and adding extras that include exercise and spiritual development.