I sit here this morning nursing my 4 month old son, listening to the thunder of a distant storm and wonder....
why bother to express with this blog?

I decided to create this blog for reasons that occur to me so quickly I can't get them written before they leave my head. What is in my mind right now is the thought of all new mothers, who spend the morning hours with their babies.

My wonderful techie husband purchased a slick Dell Inspiron 700m for me this week. It has opened a whole new world to me. You see, I have been in corporate America for about 7 years. Although I claimed to be computer savvy, it was within the bounds and facades of this environment. I love wifi and I feel I am peeling the layers of expressing with technology that simply can not happen within the confines corporate America.

Since I have given birth to my son, my world has radically changed (which I wanted)! Getting real in many ways has come forward in my mind. Actually, I knew having a child would produce this effect. I describe myself as 'in-touch'; but it is time to move father down my rabbit hole.

My blogs will consist of insight about my inner world and relationships. Not the silly FRIENDS type of relationship woes but the stuff that causes us the pain that we heal by finding out how we are connected; metaphysical musings; mother and child bonding; fear; confusion and love.

So back to the question of why bother? I suppose as a soul, a women and a mother...I want to express myself in a way, a form that I have not.